10 Things I've Learned in 2015

Well, there is a reason I chose New Years Eve to relaunch my blog. New Year always means new start to me and no I'm not just saying that, I mean it. I try to change my room, my style, do stuff differently and to learn from last year's mistakes. Can't say that 2015 has been my favourite year, but it hasn't been that bad after all. Here are 15 things I've learned in 2015.

Don't let others make decisions for you

I'm a person that has difficulties deciding what to wear, where to go, what to do but that doesn't mean I have to let others tell me what is what. Yeah, listen to their advice and hear them but don't let them make you do something out of your wish.

Sometimes go out and explore alone

Don't get me wrong I love my friends, it's always fun to hang out with them but don't forget your me time. Grab a camera and go to places you've never been, go to a museum or sit on a bench in a park or just walk and get lost (actually don't get lost but you know what I mean).

Do not care about what people think about you

I feel like it's something we all do, we care way too much. It's not good because it will only stop you from doing stuff you want to do. If there are judgemental people around you get rid of them but remember your closest friends are there to correct you so you don't fail.

Spend more time with your family

I can't be the only one who finds himself on his phone instead of having a conversation with my family. It's nice to sometimes turn off electronics and spend time together, especially with your grandparents who you may not have around forever.

Listen to your parents' advice

Always listen to them because they've been there, done that. But don't if it's academic. They'll always want you to choose the career they have or dreamed of when they were your age. Therefore it's not going to be the job you wanted to have.

Don't argue if it's not worth it

One thing that I've realised the past year is that when people are in an argument, they're going to try EVERYTHING to win it. They'll change the subject, lie, everything. So if you don't have time and energy (and patience to not slap them), don't get into an argument (especially on the internet).

Make playlists for everything

I've made lots of playlists for different occasions on Spotify so maybe after I year I can come back and listen to the songs and relive the moments.

It's OK to be sad

A lot of people think that being sad is bad and negative, it's not! Go cry, scream into a pillow, eat chocolate, listen to sad songs and cry again. It's your body discharging you and giving you relief. If you've not seen Inside Out (My favourite Disney film ever) go watch it. You'll understand the value of sadness.

Don't compare yourself with other people

It's pointless. You're not them and they're not you, they didn't go through the same stuff you did. If you compare your chapter one with their chapter 34,  you'll get nothing.

Don't let numbers define you

Your GPA, your weight, your grades, your likes per picture. You're so much more than that.

I hope you guys have an amazing year and liked this post. If you like it, share it with your friends. See you soon. 

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