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Have you ever sat down in front of your computer and decided to write a blog post but just couldn't? Or have you taken your camera but didn't like any of your photos? That, my friend, is called not being inspired. Whether you are a writer, a painter, a DJ, a designer... sometimes you can't do the thing you like doing the most. It's not like you're not good at it, you just can't do it because you're not inspired. I'm not going to chin-wag for nothing so I'll just start immediately. Here is how to find inspiration. Obviously everyone is different so I can't guarantee that these methods will work... it's just what I do when I don't feel productive.

Star off by cleaning and tidying your room/office

I know it sounds like a useless advice, but cleaning your room is actually really helpful. Usually the reason I have a bloggers-block is because my room is so messy. I won't blog or won't do my homework just so I don't have to clean my desk. I'd recommend working in a well-lit area with sunlight so you'll be more productive. Also taking a shower might help reducing procrastination.

Just calm down and make sure nothing is stressing you

If you're not comfortable, or you're worrying about something, there's no way that you'll be able to work. You won't be able to focus and you'll be distracted easily. Also I'd recommend turning off your phone if you don't need it during this process.

Listen to music

Easiest way to be inspired. But not only you need to hear the music, you need to feel it. I'm talking about those songs that just feed your soul. Here are my three favourite playlist. Spotify: 1 2 3. Tidal: 1 2 3.

Still don't have an idea? Watch Netflix.

Whenever I finish a series or a movie that is good, I just explode with ideas. Make sure it's something that makes you cry, because I don't really know why but when I cry I'm just more creative. My favourite TV Show is Doctor Who, and my favourite movie is Inside Out. They never fail to amuse me.

Go out.

Doesn't matter if you're with your friends or alone, just go for a walk, drink a cup of tea. Leaving your house really helps to fire your creativity.

These are the things I do when I feel stuck so I'm not sure if they work for everyone. Thanks for reading.

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